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Paul W. Scharff

PAUL W. SCHARFF, MD (1930–2014), spent a lifetime with Anthroposophy. When he was six years old, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer visited to advise the Scharff family on aspects of caring for their farm, which included making preparations together. Thirty years later, in 1966, Paul and Ann Scharff founded the Fellowship Community in Chestnut Ridge, New York, to address the question of eldercare in the context of Anthroposophy and community. Today, with 130 people, it is a place where young and old live together, sharing in life and work. Over the ensuing years, Dr. Scharff studied the esoteric works of Rudolf Steiner and applied what he found toward new ways of approaching eldercare and practical life in general, including agriculture, medicine, and social forms. The many essays and lectures from his life of anthroposophic study and practice are available online in a dedicated archive. To read a more complete biography visit the Paul W. Scharff Archive at

Books by Paul W. Scharff :

Commentary on Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture Course

From the Paul W. Scharff Archive