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Eckart Böhmer

ECKART BÖHMER, born in Santiago de Chile in 1966, is the director of the Kaspar Hauser Festspiele in Ansbach, Germany, and a traveling speaker, author, and theater director. After studying theater direction in Ulm, Germany, Eckart Böhmer founded his own theater near Ansbach. In 1998, he began the biannual Kaspar Hauser Festspiele in Ansbach. In 2016 he was asked to assume the research of Professor Hermann Pies, who had spent a lifetime pursuing and studying documents related to Kaspar Hauser. He placed this historic legacy into the center of a “Kaspar Hauser Research Circle,” established with Richard Steel within the Karl König Institute. Since then, research has been widened and activities have spread to the United States, where regular festivals have been organized on the east and west coasts.

Books by Eckart Böhmer :

Kaspar Hauser, Child of Europe

An Artistic and Contemplative Approach to an Enduring Enigma