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Your Reincarnating Child

Welcoming a Soul to the World

Gilbert Childs and Sylvia Childs

192 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Rudolf Steiner Press


Published:  March 2005


The primary contention of this book is that, as spiritual beings, we all live beyond death and eventually return to earth in new human bodies. With this in mind, the authors give sound practical advice as to how parents—or anyone who spends time with children—can welcome souls into the world and help them grow into healthy, responsible human beings.

Mainstream educational policies and practices can cause children to be pushed prematurely into adulthood before they have a chance to truly experience childhood. The authors demonstrate that a true understanding of the human being as body, soul, and spirit leads to the knowledge that every child should be allowed to grow gradually into the world.

“One of the main purposes of this book,” write the authors, “is to demonstrate that human beings are primarily of spiritual nature, and only secondarily of bodily nature.” They explain how these two natures complement each other in the processes of maturation and development, from the period before birth and incarnation into maturity. With a firm philosophical grounding, the authors discuss key questions related to prenatal and antenatal phases, including those connected with clothing, food, play, work, technology, and discipline.

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