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Secrets of Esoteric Christianity

The Two Marys, the Two Families of Jesus, and the Incarnation of Christ

Gilbert Childs

224 pp.  
5 ½

Temple Lodge Press


Published:  November 2005


For years, theologians have agonized over the contradictory accounts of Jesus’ birth as written in the gospels of Luke and Matthew. Can they be reconciled, given the fact that they contain completely different narratives? Demonstrating a remarkably erudite approach and authoritative knowledge of biblical sources and other primary texts, Dr. Childs sheds new light on arcane disputes by revealing secrets of esoteric Christianity—in particular the mystery of two mothers named Mary and the different families of Jesus. Such mysteries—including the meaning of the “virgin conception”—have remained hidden and protected within mystery centers by initiates through the past two millennia. Today, however, these matters can be spoken of openly.

Dr. Childs begins by thoroughly examining the doctrine of “Adoptionism,” the notion that Jesus was “adopted” as the Son of God after his birth. Did the Christ incarnate into Jesus at the Baptism in the River Jordan, as many Biblical authorities claim? The author provides an overview of the Gospels, introducing the seminal research of Rudolf Steiner as a key to penetrating some of their enigmas. He also studies the relevance of the ancient mystery centers in relation to Christianity and discusses how Christianity itself can be seen as “mystery.”

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