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Beyond the Medical Meltdown

Working together for Sustainable Health Care

Robert Zieve

104 pp.  
5 ½ x 8 ½

Bell Pond Books


Published:  July 2006


Beyond the Medical Meltdown describes the predicament we are in today in relation to health care and prescribes positive and concrete solutions to create a new effective and affordable health care system. These solutions require us to step out of the box and form new economic partnerships of practitioners and patients on local levels throughout the United States. These cooperative partnerships of mutual responsibility are a third force that will take the place of both conventional insurance companies that drain communities of resources and create adversarial relationships with families and small businesses, and large governmental programs with unsustainable bureaucracies and rigid rules.

This book will engage the reader with imaginative yet practical solutions to our health care dilemmas. It calls upon us to create something new that serves everyone in the healing of illness.

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