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Anthroposophy & Imagination

Classics from The Journal For Anthroposophy
Issue # 76, summer 2006

Series Edited by Kate Farrell and Robert A. McDermott

128 pp.  
6½ X 9


Published:  September 2006


In what way is imagination true? And what can it do for us? Like the first volume in this series (Meeting Rudolf Steiner) this volume, Anthroposophy and Imagination, is comprised of outstanding articles selected from many years of the Journal of Anthroposophy.

The selections in this volume are articles on Anthroposophy and Owen Barfield, J.R.R. Tolkien, W.B. Yeats, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Saul Bellow, Sigmund Freud, Novalis, Georg Kühlewind, and others.

This series provides an invaluable look into the history and development of Anthroposophy and spiritual scientific thinking.

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