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The Trinity

Hans-Werner Schroeder Translated by Eva Knausenberger

224 pp.  

Floris Books


Published:  March 2007


The Trinity—the idea of God as three persons in one—is a central, defining feature of Christianity. Rev. Hans-Werner Schroeder, an ordained priest of the Christian Community, focuses his considerable experience and wisdom on the issues surrounding the Father God, the Son God, and the Spirit God. He goes into depth in his discussion of their individual theologies and characteristics before going on to the spiritual implications of the Trinity itself.

This is a valuable addition to the literature on the Trinity, especially as this important subject is viewed within The Christian Community.

"Written in a warm, approachable style.... It presents its subject in a way that breathes inspiration and life into one's previous perceptions. At the same time, it has a breadth of historical reference which makes it rich in material and inspiration for thought, and grounded in Christian scholarship. It is a rewarding read." —Rosemary Merrion, Perspectives, June/Aug 2007

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