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Living Literacy

The Human Foundations of Speaking, Writing, and Reading

Michael Rose

192 pp.  

Hawthorn Press


Published:  January 2007


Michael Rose makes the case that the very life and nature of language are breaking down under the pressures of modern society. In Living Literacy, he attributes these threats to inappropriate electronic media and to fundamental flaws in modern educational systems, while examining what really works in teaching and preparing for literacy.

Living Literacy investigates the nature of literacy and how it relates to child development. It explores how teachers and parents can prepare for the transition to literacy through conversation, story, song, and play, followed by relevant and living ways to introduce reading and writing formally.

  • Part 1 Seeing the Picture
  • The Great Divide
  • What is Literacy?
  • Literacy in the World Today
  • The Emergence of the Alphabet
  • Lessons of Development
  • Part 2 Making the difference
  • Tuning to the Mother Tongue
  • Animating the Word
  • First Writing and Reading
  • Developing Literacy as Faculty
  • Further Suggestions for Practice
  • Literacy and Learning Differences
  • Part 3 Closing the Book
  • The Three Persons of Literacy
  • Harvesting the Word
  • The Future
  • Appendices
  • Bibliography
  • Resources

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