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The New Experience of the Supersensible

The Anthroposophical Knowledge Drama of Our Time

Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon

272 pp.  
6" x 9 1/4"

Temple Lodge Press


Published:  June 2007


According to Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science, the greatest spiritual event of our time is the renewal and reawakening of our human suprasensory relationship to the higher spiritual worlds. The force that leads to this development—called by various names in different cultural and religious traditions—is called the “Christ impulse” by Anthroposophy, in accordance with Christian terminology.

Because of new, naturally endowed suprasensory faculties, human beings are increasingly able to experience and perceive, through an act of grace, the great spiritual force of the Christ impulse. This experience is said to be a naturally given initiation, and today we increasingly hear of such suprasensory experiences. Today, however, a healthy approach to these “natural” phenomena requires us to comprehend suprasensory experiences with full awareness and clear thinking.

This book builds an all-important bridge between the naturally given suprasensory experience and its conscious cognition. As a result, empirical suprasensory research “can investigate the different aspects of Christ’s etheric becoming and appearance in a way that, both methodically and experientially, fulfils the justified cognitive and scientific requirements of our age.”

This new paperback edition adds a new introductory chapter.

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