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The Quiet Heart

Putting Stress in Its Place

Peter Gruenewald

112 pp.  

Floris Books

The author describes a highly effective approach to stress management and personal development using heart-based exercises to help manage and transform extreme emotions. Through these methods, it is possible to deal with many forms of stress, anxiety, anger, and depression without resorting to drugs or psychotherapy, while regaining power over one’s daily life and emotions. The benefit of these unique, easily practiced exercises can be felt within days.

Dr. Gruenewald, an NHS doctor and holistic practitioner, offers a revolutionary, holistic approach that he calls “HeartSpheres.” It is based on new scientific research in neurology, psychiatry, and psychology, as well as cardiology and complementary medicine. As clients apply these techniques in their lives, case studies show the astonishing results witnessed by the author.

The Quiet Heart is essential reading for those who wish to understand and come to terms with their physical and emotional health rather than leaving those issues in the hands of counselors, health professionals, and psychotherapists.

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