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Infertility to Fertility

The Journey of the Psyche

Patricia Sherwood





Infertility to Fertility is an inspiring case study of a client's psycho-spiritual journey through the maze of infertility to explore the connection between her bodily experiences of infertility and underlying emotional experiences. The reader will journey with the client into her ovaries and womb to uncover the remarkable experiences that are carried in the bodily organs and contribute to infertility.

This monograph, based on the holistic anthroposophic model, provides a deeply profound path of healing, incorporating the artistic therapies of sound, color, movement, gesture, and clay, to transform the life-destructive energetic patterns into life-renewing and life-flourishing patterns.

Infertility to Fertility is an important resource for anyone interested in the body-mind connections that influence physical health. It is for art therapists, counselors, and clients who wish to be inspired by a quest to create wholeness and wellbeing.

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