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Space and Counterspace

A New Science of Gravity, Time, and Light

Nick Thomas

144 pp.  

Illustrations: 28

Floris Books


Published:  October 2008


Many people feel alienated by modern science and its impersonal worldview. Our human intuitions suggest that we need a broader science—one that can encompass phenomena thus far excluded, such as human consciousness, qualities, and values.

Using the theory of “counterspace,” Nick Thomas presents a wider view of science in this groundbreaking book. Counterspace exists alongside space as we know it. Rudolf Steiner first developed the concept, and Cambridge mathematician George Adams later developed it further. Through its startling lens, we can view and understand key aspects of our world—gravity, time, light, and color, as well as the stars, the solar system, and the classical elements—in dynamically new ways.

Thomas’s work and ideas are on the cusp of a true revolution in the way modern scientific method can penetrate even deeper into the mysteries of our natural world.

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