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The House of C. G. Jung

The History and Restoration of
the Residence of Emma and Carl Gustav Jung-Rauschenbach

Andreas Jung , Regula Michel , Irene Gerber , Daniel Ganz and Arthur Rüegg

148 pp.  
9 1/2" x 11 1/4"
Illustrations: 160

Chiron Publications


Published:  December 2008



House of C.G. Jung

(“In 1908 Carl Gustav Jung and his wife, Emma Rauschenbach, built this house in a cheerful, tranquil place”)

Chiseled in stone, these Latin words decorate the elaborately designed portal of the C.G. Jung House in Küsnacht and commemorate the completion of the building on the bank of Lake Zurich. The project began in 1906, with a letter from Carl Gustav Jung to his cousin Ernst Fiechter (1875–1948), an architect and lecturer on architectural history at the Technische Hochschule in Munich: “We have in mind to build a house someday, in the country near Zurich, on the lake.”

At the time, however, Jung was an impecunious assistant medical director at the Burghölzli mental home in Zurich. What enabled him to build a manorial home was the fact that his wife, Emma Jung-Rauschenbach, had suddenly become wealthy after her father died young. —Andreas Jung

C. G. Jung, the important explorer of the human psyche and founder of Analytical Psychology, lived and worked in his home in Küsnacht on Lake Zürich from 1908 to 1961, along with his wife, Emma Jung-Rauschenbach, whose wisdom was the heart of the house where they raised their five children.

A hundred years after it was built and following the completion of renovation, this house is represented in this lavishly illustrated record, published to document the creation of the property on Lake Zurich and its transformation since then. The House of C. G. Jung captures its previous and present states in text and images.

This volume is an architectural portrait of a truly unique home, as well as a commemoration of its original builders and owners.

Includes 160 illustrations, many in color.


  • Foreword by Irene Gerber
  • “The House on Seestrasse”
    by Andreas Jung
  • “Homes in the Lives of Carl Gustav Jung and Emma Jung-Rauschenbach”
    by Andreas Jung
  • “On the Banks of Lake Zurich: The Site and Its Prehistory”
    by Regula Michel
  • “The Realization of Jung’s Architectural Ideas: The Origins of the House and Garden”
    by Regula Michel
  • “Between Palatial Villa and Home on Lake Zurich: The House of Carl Gustav Jung as an Architectural Landmark”
    by Regula Michel
  • “Living in a Museum? The Renovation of the House and Outbuildings, 2005–2007”
    by Arthur Rüegg
  • “C. G. Jung’s Garden Realm: The Garden and Its Renovation, 2007–2008”
    by Judith Rohrer and Daniel Ganz

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