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Mothering with Soul

Raising Children As Special Work

Joan Salter

224 pp.  

Hawthorn Press

Bringing up children is important work. Yet there is little support for raising families. For example, parents with young children are pressured into jobs and childcare--yet many want the choice of being a full time mother or father. Joan Salter helps you choose by portraying mothering and creating a home as special work.

Women share their experiences of what mothering means for them. This "career of the heart" can be seen as a soulful and spiritual activity, not merely a practical job. This brings a profound intimacy with your child through pregnancy, birth and the early years.

There are sections on expecting, birthing, mothering, breast-feeding, the rhythms of the day, the evolution of consciousness, work outside the family, childcare, the growth of love, and grandmothers.

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