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The Dynamics of Nutrition

Gerhard Schmidt Translated by Gerald F. Karnow



Published:  December 1980


Drawing on research and Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Science, this book by Gerhard Schmidt, M.D. looks at nutrition, offering a new dynamic view of humanity and the world — and of food as a community-building force. Concerned with the problems resulting from the modern viewpoint of nutrition and the research of modern science, this book examines the fundamental and general aspects of nutrition. Schmidt makes the case that continued healthy human development will require us to re-conceptualize our understandings of nutrition, to find “a new light of consciousness to illumine our conception.”

Topics include:

Basic questions of nutrition
Nutritional research through Steiner’s Spiritual Science
What is the purpose of nutrition?
General aspects of the physiology of nutrition
Smell and taste: spices and aromatic substances
Rhythm in nutrition; Raw and cooked foods
Foods — dietary substances — medicinal substances
Nutrition from the realm of plants, nutrition from the realm of animals
Nutrition and spiritual life
Nutrition and soul life
Community-building through the meal
The history of human nutrition
The development of nutrition in the age of technology

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