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The Love-Powered Diet

Eating for Freedom, Health, and Joy

Victoria Moran

264 pp.  
7" x 8 1/3"

Lantern Books


Published:  May 2009


This can be the last weight-loss book you ever read.

Finally, make peace with food and have a body you're proud of by drawing on the wisdom and grace already inside you. Replace cravings with calmness. Relate to food as a loving friend, not a feared enemy.

In her own quest for freedom from compulsive eating and yo-yo dieting, Moran—once the chubby child of a diet doctor—discovered the power of combining the principles of the Twelve Step Program with the gentle way of eating espoused by yogis and mystics, and now supported by cutting-edge nutritional research. The result: falling in love—with yourself, your life, and The Love-Powered Diet!

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