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Free from Dogma

Theological Reflections in the Christian Community

Tom Ravetz

144 pp.  
6 x 9 ¼

Floris Books

The Christian Community is a religious movement inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s insights into esoteric Christianity religious rites. The Christian Community differs from other churches in that it does not demand its members to follow to a particular creed or worldview. Nevertheless, spiritual, philosophical, and religious questions arise, and by thinking them through and discussing them, members contribute to the great, two-thousand-year-old spiritual conversation.

Free from Dogma, the first book that truly explores the theology of the Christian Community, asks questions and offers insights into religious life and experience. In the first half, Rev. Tom Ravetz addresses questions about God, the Trinity, the Incarnation, and the Holy Spirit. In the second half, he outlines the human journey from oneness to multiplicity and back to oneness through community.

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