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A Vision for the Millennium

Modern Spirituality and Cultural Renewal

Rudolf Steiner Compiled by Andrew Welburn

144 pp.  

Rudolf Steiner Press


Published:  April 2000


“Could it not be possible that today something of infinite importance is taking place without people being aware of it. Something of supreme impor­tance is taking place, although it is perceptible only to the eye of the spirit.”—Rudolf Steiner

For many, the new millennium has come to symbolize a new beginning—a time to stop, reassess, and question our direction as indi­viduals and as a society. It is also a time to reexamine our philosophies and values. This collection of excerpts from his many books and lectures provides an excellent introduc­tion to his spiritual, millennial vision. It includes commentary on the significance of the coming transformation of all areas of life, the importance of spiritual ecology, the transfiguration of the Earth, and the roles of angelic and other spiritual beings in our time.

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