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The Wisdom of God: An Outline of Sophiology

Sergei Bulgakov Translated by O. Fielding Clarke , Patrick Thompson and Xenia Braikevitc

224 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Lindisfarne Books


Published:  September 1993


"[Bulgakov] was a torchbearer for what was coming to be called Sophiology.... His championship of Sophia was clearly an attempt to revitalize Orthodoxy and to reestablish the spirit of the divine feminine, so that the Church should not remain off-balanced by its Christocentric view." —Caitlin Matthews, author of Sophia—Goddess of Wisdom: The Divine Feminine from Black Goddess to World Soul

There is a great hunger to recover the feminine aspect of the Divinity. But much searching has left Christians disappointed and seeking the "Goddess" elsewhere. In this brave theological work, Bulgakov shows how the Divine Sophia, in whom all things are created, is present in the Holy Trinity itself and how, as the "creaturely Sophia," she works together with her divine counterpart in the work of the Holy Spirit for the redemption of the world.

This book is a revised edition of The Wisdom of God: A Brief Summary of Sophiology (The Paisley Press, 1937).

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