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A Study of the Growing Child

Theodore M. Davis

144 pp.  



Published:  July 1988


The author traces human development through childhood. She describes the spirit and soul as the child incarnates and how the individual comes to expression in various ways, including the particular temperament; the unique formative forces that give shape to the physical body; the development of consciousness; natural transitions in the child’s life; and the child’s destiny and relationship to the world.

This book was written late in the author’s life and was intended only as a first draft. Nevertheless, it displays the author’s keen observation of children and nature and a lifetime of experience in self-education and educating children in the light of spiritual science.


1. The Child’s Bodily Form
2. The Nature of the Child’s Soul
3. Growth and Consciousness
4. Transition from Play to Work while at School
5. Rhythm in Child Life and the Education of Religious Feeling
6. Educator and Child

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