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The Challenge of the Times

(CW 186)

Rudolf Steiner Translated by Olin D. Wannamaker

224 pp.  
5" x 8"



Published:  February 1979


5 lectures, Dornach, November 29 - December 8, 1918 (CW 186)

In these lectures, given just days after the end of World War I, Steiner describes the new developments in mechanics, politics, and economy, as well as new capacities and methods in the West and the East. He reveals their fruitful potentials, but also the dangers of their abuse. He discusses social and antisocial instincts, specters of the Old Testament in the nationalism of the present, and the innate capacities of various nations.


  1. East and West from a Spiritual Point of View
    November 29, 1918
  2. The Present from the Viewpoint of the Present
    November 30, 1918
  3. The Mechanistic, Eugenic, and Hygienic Aspects of the Future
    December 01, 1918
  4. Social and Antisocial Instincts
    December 06, 1918
  5. Specters of the Old Testament in the Nationalism of the Present
    December 07, 1918
  6. The Innate Capacities of the Nations of the World
    December 08, 1918


This volume is a translation of Die soziale Grundforderung unserer Zeit (GA 186).

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