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A Rosslyn Treasury

Stories and Legends from Rosslyn Chapel

P. L. Snow

192 pp.  

Illustrations: 30

Floris Books

Rosslyn Chapel is situated eight miles south of Edinburgh and has captured the imagination of many in recent years, not least in Dan Brown's fiction. This extraordinary building, dating from the fifteenth century, has long been a place of pilgrimage for people with widely varying interests, whether historical, architectural, or spiritual.

For many years, Peter Snow has been gathering the stories as represented by the many carvings in and around the chapel building. Many of the carvings, eroded by the years or damaged by vandalism during the Reformation, have been lovingly restored over time and eloquently illustrate the biblical, historical, and legendary tales they represent.

This book traces themes of transformation and metamorphosis through inward endeavor and will fascinate anyone interested in stories from the world beginning, Ancient Egypt, the Holy Land, Celtic myth, and Celtic history.

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