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Annemarie Allan

256 pp.  
5 x 8

Floris Books

“Ellen whistled again and repeated the old rhyme Aunt Marian had taught her. ‘I call you once. I call you twice. I call you three times over.’ Surely in a place as beautiful as this, anything that answered her call was bound to be friendly.”

While exploring a small loch above the village of Aldhammer with her brother Davie, Ellen repeats a childish rhyme to call something to her. What arrives is an ancient being with the ability to shapeshift and the power to destroy. Ushig is a kelpie, a water wraith, and his intentions are anything but pure.

Dragged into a dark, parallel world inhabited by the creatures of Scottish legend, Ellen must pitch her wits against primeval magic. Can she outsmart the predatory Queen of the Night? And what does Ushig stand to gain?

Another unique and gripping tale from Annemarie Allan, presenting an innovative spin on characters from Scottish folklore in a very modern manner. If you thought you knew the story of the kelpie — think again!

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