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The Biodynamic Farm

Developing a Holistic Organism

Karl-Ernst Osthaus Translated by Beate Buchinger Foreword by Bernard Jarman

96 pp.  

Floris Books


Published:  November 2010


Large-scale agriculture tends to view a farm as a means for maximizing production of grain, milk, and meat. This practical book argues instead for holistic farming—the farm as a living organism, the essence of biodynamic farming.

The author, an experienced farmer, takes a down-to-earth approach to agriculture. Based on an example farm of around sixty hectares (or about 150 acres), he recommends the ideal livestock numbers: twelve cows, four horses, six pigs, ten sheep and 120 hens. This mix is drawn from Osthaus’s deep understanding of nature, animals, agriculture and the cosmos, and from his many years of personal experience as a biodynamic farmer and teacher. The result is a healthy, balanced, and sustainable farm.

This invaluable book is for anyone interested in biodynamics and for those who are considering the establishment of a farm or developing an existing conventional farm with biodynamic methods.

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