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Evolution in Action

Andreas Suchantke Translated by Norman Skillen

324 pp.  
8 1/4" x 11"
Illustrations: Color

Adonis Press


Published:  October 2015


Metamorphosis is the result of a lifetime of biological research seeking to penetrate through the phenomena to the formative principles that have shaped them. Following Goethe’s participatory method, and drawing on his observations on a number of continents, Andreas Suchantke shows how the development and evolution of plants and animals can be understood in terms of metamorphosis. Through his eyes, we come to see evolution as a dynamic process that unfolds on a far more fundamental level than Darwin’s natural selection. In the age of stem cell research, Suchantke’s insights into the formation of organisms as integrated wholes offer a much-needed complement to the findings of conventional genetics and microbiology.

Beautifully illustrated through the author’s own drawings and color photographs, this masterly work offers a rich, dynamic and deeply meaningful understanding of organic life.

“This remarkable, exquisitely illustrated study of the plant and animals worlds contains many fascinating bits of information.... But the book is not just a catalogue of interesting facts. It is an invitation to view the world of nature—plants, animals, and the human being—in a new way. Metamorphosis is an engaging, thought-provoking synthesis of science, art, and philosophy that will appeal to any reader of high school age and above—student, teacher, parent, scientist, artist—anyone with an interest in the world in which we live.... Metamorphosis is a challenging book...for all enquiring minds, the book is a valuable scientific and artistic resource and an invitation to a new level of respect and love for and wonder at the world of nature.” —Ronald Koetzsch, Renewal: A Journal for Waldorf Education, spring/summer 2010

“Metamorphosis is a truly exceptional and beautiful book which imparts extraordinary insight into the mysterious but highly ordered processes of evolution.” —Martin Lockley, Scientific and Medical Network Review, summer 2010

“It would be impossible to convey the immense richness of Suchantke's book in the few pages of a review.... Metamorphosis will undoubtedly be both a comfort and a challenge to students of Anthroposophy, and may well be a source of inspiration to people who have never heard of Rudolf Steiner.” —Science Group of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain Newsletter

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