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The Guardian of the Threshold and The Philosophy of Freedom

On the Relationship of The Philosophy of Freedom to The Fifth Gospel

Sergei O. Prokofieff

120 pp.  

Temple Lodge Press




Just as an entire plant is contained in seminal form in its seed, the whole of Anthroposophy can be discovered in Rudolf Steiner’s central work, The Philosophy of Freedom (Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path), a book that lays the foundation for a modern scientific path to the spiritual world. Given the centrality of the Guardian of the Threshold to modern initiation, one may ask where this theme can be found in The Philosophy of Freedom. Sergei Prokofieff presents his insights to this little-researched question in the first part of this volume. In the second part, he investigates the connection of The Philosophy of Freedom to the content of Rudolf Steiner’s research into to what he called “The Fifth Gospel.”

Prokofieff's thoughtful commentary sheds new light on the connection between Rudolf Steiner’s early work and what he developed later in life. Study of the relevant texts reveals that the roots of Steiner’s early work lie in the same spiritual reality—the Christ impulse—as that of the later Anthroposophy he would develop.

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