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Seeing, Experiencing, Understanding

Ueli Seiler-Hugova

144 pp.  

Temple Lodge Press


Published:  April 2011


  • Experiment with the refraction of light through a prism
  • Set up a color circle with flowers
  • Build a rainbow instrument
  • Experience darkness with the senses

Beginning with simple sensory experiences and experiments, the author leads readers to an understanding of colors, rainbows, and color circles (as created by Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, and Harald Küppers). He provides simple but vivid explanations of the basic colors, the complementary colors, and the mystery of colored shadows. He also offers commentary on the psychology and mythology of colors and demonstrates connections between them, the planets and the signs of the zodiac.

This book offers readers a delightfully illustrated introduction to the world of colors. Packed with full-color images, it leads from perception to understanding and from experience to practice. Colour: Seeing, Experiencing, Understanding is ideal for parents, teachers, and anyone who wishes to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of color as a phenomenon.

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