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Milon and the Lion

Jakob Streit

208 pp.  
5½ x 8½
Illustrations: 10

Floris Books


Published:  November 2011


Young slave Milon begins his journey at home in Athens. When he sets sail on a ship bound for Italy his adventures really begin. He narrowly escapes with his life in Pompeii as the great volcano Vesuvius erupts and destroys the town; he experiences the colorful life of the metropolis of Alexandria in Egypt, and he faces a battle for life and death in the Coliseum in Rome.

When he meets a small community of Christians in Rome, he finally gains his freedom and finds a purpose in life. At the center of the story is Milon’s relationship with a wounded lion who he bravely helps. Will the lion remember him and return the favor when Milon faces death at the hands of the mighty Roman emperors?

This classic story presents the world of the early Christians in an engaging way for children. It is ideal for use in Waldorf class 6 (ages 11–12).

(Ages 9–15)

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