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Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living

Exercises and Recipes for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

Donna Beaudoin

176 pp.  
7" x 8 1/2"

Lantern Books


Published:  February 2011


Are you, to paraphrase Fannie Lou Hamer, sick and tired of being sick and tired? In her lively and inspiring guide to living well, Donna Beaudoin—a.k.a. Sister Vegetarian—reports on how she lost weight, gained energy, and healed herself by finally embracing the vegetarian lifestyle that she’d attempted (and failed) to achieve many times in the past. Through a full month, Sister Vegetarian provides personal stories, practical tips, mouthwatering recipes, and empowering thoughts that will help you avoid the drama and negativity of family members, coworkers, and your own doubts as you set about supercharging your day by eating healthily, exercising with energy and joy, and becoming aware of your own strength.

Honest, compassionate, and spirited, Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living is perfect for anyone who wishes to transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet, and needs a best friend to help them on their journey.

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