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Compresses and other Therapeutic Applications

A Handbook from the Ita Wegman Clinic

Monika Fingado Illustrated by Gabriela de Carvalho Foreword by Rolf Heine

208 pp.  

Floris Books


Published:  July 2012


"A plant is like a self-willed human being, from which we can obtain all we desire if we only treat it in its own way." —Goethe, Elective Affinities

"Therapeutic external applications are part of a worldwide renaissance and rediscovery of ancient healing methods. Since its founding, anthroposophical medicine has integrated external applications naturally into its healing approach because this medicine comes from a holistic understanding of diagnosis and treatment." (from the foreword)

Compresses and poultices are extremely versatile and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. This practical handbook was written for nurses and practitioners at the Ita Wegman Clinic in Arlesheim, Switzerland, a center of expertise for anthroposophic nursing.

Compresses and other Therapeutic Applications covers all aspects of compresses and poultices, including descriptions of the substances used and their healing properties, and is based on many years' professional experience.


Foreword by Rolf Heine
1. Background
2. Footbaths
3. Cloths and Compresses
4. Lotions
5. Oil Cloths
6. Ointment Cloths
7. Teas
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