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Orange Juice Peas

Illustrated by Lari Don and Lizzie Wells

32 pp.  
8¼ x 10

Floris Books


Published:  July 2012


Orange Juice Peas

Jessie is learning to be polite. When she says “thank you,” it sounds a bit like “DA HOO.” When she says “please,”' it sounds exactly like “PEAS.”

During one particular teatime, Jessie and her older brother Ben are left with a new babysitter. When asked what she would like to drink, Jessie replies, “Orange juice peas,” and that's exactly what she gets! Followed by milk peas, water peas...and on it goes. Each time, Jessie fishes the peas out of her drink and cheeky Ben giggles...and the pile of peas on the table grows bigger and bigger.

Orange Juice Peas is a hilarious story for young children, with a great sense of repetition. Lizzie Well's bright, expressive illustrations perfectly capture the humor and Jessie's increasing frustration at being misunderstood.

(Ages 3-6)

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