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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Victim's Guide to Healing and Recovery

Raymond B. Flannery

288 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lantern Books




"This book is must reading for anyone who identifies themselves with my work. The biochemical information contained here could be the beginning of a personal miracle for you."
John Bradshaw

"But what happens when you really are a victim of trauma? Most victims don't talk. Victims try to forget because talking doesn't stop the pain and shame of being a victim. This book doesn't just talk about trauma and PTSD; this book shows what victims can do about it. The author has worked with many victims, particularly women victims of rape and childhood physical and sexual abuse. He has learned from them the secrets of surviving. Now he has written this book with an action plan for victims to help themselves how to survive. It is the first, and will remain the finest book detailing exactly what you can do to overcome the helplessness of being a victim of trauma and PTSD."
Walter Penk, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School and the National PTSD Center, VA Medical Center, Boston

"A basic introduction to PTSD. Written for victims, it is a helpful source for understanding the responses a psychologically healthy person is likely to undergo after experiencing an acute tramatic episode."
Journal of Traumatic Stress

"This is a wonderful first book for a person who is initially experiencing symptoms of PTSD. It provides a context and offers sound information; this makes the book an ideal resource."

"Clinical, gripping ... offers professional value to therapists."

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