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Homemaking as a Social Art

Creating a Home for Body, Soul, and Spirit

Adam Platt

224 pp.  

Rudolf Steiner Press


Published:  June 2004


Today, social and economic pressures affect the traditional role of the homemaker. Emphasis is placed on the working world instead of home life, and many struggle to function in several roles at once. This increasingly hectic climate has tended to downgrade of the work of the homemaker.

Taking a spiritual perspective inspired by Rudolf Steiner, Veronika van Duin suggests that homemaking needs to be undertaken consciously as an honored and valued area of work, as nothing less than a “social art.” She asserts that, by elevating our regard for the homemaker, we can enjoy a happier and more contented family and home life.

The author does not claim any blueprint for perfect homemaking, but offers principles and observations based on a study of the seven “life processes” and how they affect us. She addresses the significance of rhythm, relationships, artistic environment, caring, self-development, and much more in this invaluable book.

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