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From Loneliness to Connection

Transforming our Relationships in Christ

Adam Bittleston

120 pp.  

Floris Books


Published:  March 2013


In our busy world, it's easy to feel isolated from those around us. Even (and sometimes especially) people surrounded by family and friends can sense a hole in their lives, which we sometimes call loneliness.

Adam Bittleston argues that this is natural, since we were created with a natural desire for oneness, unity and connection, both with God and with other people. In practice, our relationships often fall short of fulfilling that need.

In this practical book, he offers examples of how we can connect to the world through our senses, connect to people through genuine speech and inward listening, and connect to God through Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Drawing on many examples of loneliness from history, literature, mythology and the Gospels, Bittleston shows that struggling with loneliness is a universal experience.

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