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Lord of the Elements

Interweaving Christianity and Nature

Bastiaan Baan

248 pp.  

Floris Books


Published:  May 2013


The four classical elements of earth, water, air, and fire are present in Genesis and continue to be significant throughout Christianity. Different streams of thought, such as the School of Chartres, and Celtic Christianity, have emphasized the elements in different ways.

In this unique book, Bastiaan Baan, an experienced spiritual thinker, brings these elements together with ideas from Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy. He considers, in particular, how elemental beings—nature spirits—relate to the four elements, and explores the role of elemental beings in our world.

This is a fascinating and original work on the connections between Christianity and the natural world.

Table of Contents

What is matter
The path through the elements in the mystery centres
Lord of the elements
Elemental beings
Genesis and the four elements
The elements in the New Testament
John the alchemist
The elements and the sacraments
The School of Chartres and the goddess Natura
Elemental beings in nature
Natural disasters
Seeing with other eyes
Elemental beings in art and science
The role of the angelic hierarchies and the adversary powers
New developments and experiences
Elemental beings in future

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