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Nicking Time

T. Traynor

192 pp.  

Floris Books

The boys are planning a big summer. When they're not hanging out in their den, running the streets, playing fitba or re-enacting battles, they're planning to break into the old Hampden Park stadium—is there enough time for it all?

Midge's pals are cool—Bru's ginger; Skooshie's crazy; Hector's brave and Lemur, well, there's something weird about Lemur. He knows too much.

Like, he tells them a ghost story about two tragic deaths that happened over a hundred years ago. When did Lemur learn so much about the past?

T. Traynor brilliantly recreates the excitement of a boys-only summer in this original adventure set in the amazingly evoked Glasgow's Southside of the late 1970s.

Winner of the 2012 Kelpie's Prize.

(Ages 8-12)

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