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Metamorphosis in Nature and Art

The Dynamic of Form in Plants, Animals, and Human Beings

Peter Elsner

432 pp.  
8 1/4" x 10 1/2"
Illustrations: 560

Hawthorn Press




"This book of artistic exercises has a wide compass, drawing on epistemological foundations of Rudolf Steiner's philosophical writings to explore the 'circle of forms', the colour circle and black-and-white representation in relation to the organic realms of nature (plant, animal and human being). This is an astonishing volume which bears witness to tireless industry and represents a very impressive labour of enquiry and research." —Wilhelm Oberhuber, stil magazine

Metamorphosis in Nature and Art researches the process of metamorphosis. Living forms—plants, animals, and human beings—are in continual transformation and growth, their development sculpted by dynamic forces. These "open secrets" invite wonder and inquiry into the mystery of metamorphosis and form in nature. Drawing on metamorphic principles, Peter Elsner's profound yet practical research methods will help the reader investigate how living forms develop.

As befits its subject matter, the book is richly illustrated. Each chapter ends with drawing, painting, and sculpture exercises to enable research and learning. These exercises also offer artistic and scientific methods for enlivening the ability to think dynamically and visually.

Peter Elsner has made a lifelong study of Goethe's research into the metamorphosis of form. Goethe's work has inspired many artists, including the sculptor Henry Moore. Based on the author's research, art lecturing, and practice at Snellman College, Helsinki, this comprehensive guide to metamorphosis will be a handy resource for art students, artists and scientists.

Beautifully illustrated with 371 color and 189 black and white illustrations.

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