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Mind Blind

Lari Don

336 pp.  
5" x 8"

Floris Books

“I killed a girl today, just after the school bell. I keep trying to tell myself I didn’t really kill her. But she’s dead. And it’s my fault.”

Fourteen-year-old Ciaran Bane is a highly trained fighter and gifted cat burglar with a special talent—he knows what his victim is thinking.

He works in a mafia-style family of gangsters, thieves, and thugs who share his mind-reading talent. But Ciaran’s skill comes with a crippling side-effect, one that makes him disposable—even to his own family.

Then he meets Lucy, whose older sister has been kidnapped, and they form an unlikely team. But on their perilous search across London and up to Edinburgh, on the run from MI5 and Ciaran’s dangerous family, can they ever trust each other?

And where can they hide if they aren’t even safe in their own minds?

Award-winning author Lari Don skilfully weaves a fast-paced world of secrets, power, and supernatural abilities in her first book for young teens.

(Ages 11-14)

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