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Werewolf Parallel

Roy Gill

288 pp.  
5" x 8"

Floris Books




“His arms kept stretching, as if they were somehow getting longer. His fingers clenched in, then spread out again like claws. The shape of his head was changing impossibly, too, the ears becoming pointed and growing upward, his jaw pushing and thrusting out...

“The wolf threw back its head and howled.”

Cameron’s life of shifting between the humanian and daemonic worlds is under threat and the magic that once protected him and his friends is failing.

His best friends Morgan, a werewolf with an attitude, and Eve, ex-prisoner of a vicious weaver demon, discover that they aren’t the only ones in danger: the very existence of their worlds is at stake. Two sinister figures want to destroy the Parallel —the void in between worlds populated by a dark mixture of the humanian and daemonic —and everyone in it.

What will Cameron sacrifice to defeat the demons and save the Parallel?

The nail-biting, claw-clenching, fur-raising sequel to Daemon Parallel.

(Ages 11-14)

Praise for Daemon Parallel.:
“For a werewolf/daemon fantasy with a difference, set in Edinburgh, you can’t do better.... This could be a standalone novel. Or I can see how it could be the start of more deamonish happenings.” —The Bookwitch

“Edinburgh is conjured brilliantly and beautifully here, and we can really believe in it as a place suffused by magic. Whenever Cameron steps sideways into the Parallel, the world around him alters and shifts and familiar places are strangely transformed. I loved the scenes in the old department store on Princess Street—which becomes a kind of forest cathedral, where antlered beings tend to a sleeping Winter God.... I adored this novel. I really, really want it to be the first in a sequence. I want it to be a boxed set of novels that are just about falling apart with repeated rereadings. That’s how much I enjoyed this first one.” —Paul Magrs

“Set partly in an alternative Edinburgh, half way between this world and its daemon mirroe, fourteen-year-old Cameron goes in search of tools to help his strange, old fashioned but likable grandmother resurrect his recently deceased father. He encounters werewolves, curtains that change into red-eyed spiders, and a four-storey high Santa Claus —all presented with a dry humor and some understanding of teenage angst.” —School Librarian Journal

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