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ATLAS of the Poetic Continent

Pathways in Ecological Citizenship

Wolfgang Zumdick and Shelley Sacks

132 pp.  
6" x 9 1/4"

Temple Lodge Press




"Thought reveals itself in action. Actions form habits. Habits create character. Character shapes destiny. Let us acquire good habits!"

—Morito Sugunuma Sensei

"Life is how we respond to whatever confronts us."

—C. G. Jung

"Art = Capital!

—Joseph Beuys

“The places of the poetic continent are not physical places. They map the internal regions and contours of the inner human being that lives in a cosmos of other beings and life forms. They constellate the places of the soul.”

This collection of poetic, philosophical, and literary texts and full-color images offers an ATLAS of the Poetic Continent, a treasure to study, contemplate, and inspire action in the world.

This ATLAS grew from of a social-sculpture process in a city that invited its citizens—individually and collectively—to enter a process of active reflection on this question: “What am I doing in the world?” This project confirmed that the connection between inner and outer work, and the inner work space, is central to all social-sculpture processes.

The maps for this poetic continent open up pathways that enable us to “come to our senses.” Discovered only in our engagement with the world, and inspired by the constellations of the soul, they offer distilled understandings on the path to a new society: a viable future of free, humane, and ecological citizens.

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