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2nd Edition

Gill Arbuthnott

200 pp.  
5 1/8" x 7 3/4"

Floris Books

St Andrews, Fife is not known for its glorious weather, but even so, Josh hadn't expected the sea to start to freeze and ice to creep up the beaches. His summer holiday isn't looking very promising, especially since his only companions are a strange local girl, Callie, and her enormous dog Luath.

Then they uncover the journal of an eighteenth-century girl who writes about a Kingdom of Summer, and suddenly they find themselves thrown headlong into a storm of witches, ice creatures, magic, and the Winter King. A permanent winter threatens unless they can help restore the natural balance of the seasons.

Can they stop the Winterbringers once and for all?

Winterbringers is the prequel to Gill Arbuthnott's Dark Spell.

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