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The Nowhere Emporium

Ross MacKenzie

280 pp.  
5 1/8" x 7 3/4"

Floris Books


Published:  May 2015


When the mysterious Nowhere Emporium arrives in Glasgow, orphan Daniel Holmes stumbles upon it quite by accident. Before long, the “shop from nowhere”—and its owner, Mr Silver—draw Daniel into a breathtaking world of magic and enchantment.

Recruited as Mr. Silver's apprentice, Daniel learns the secrets of the Emporium's vast labyrinth of passageways and rooms—rooms that contain wonders beyond anything Daniel had ever imagined.
However, when Mr Silver disappears, and a shadow from the past threatens everything, the Emporium and all its wonders begin to crumble.

Can Daniel save his home, and his new friends, before the Nowhere Emporium is destroyed forever?

Scottish Children's Book Award winner Ross MacKenzie unleashes a riot of imagination, color, and fantasy in this astonishing adventure, perfect for fans of Philip Pullman, Corneila Funke, and Neil Gaiman.

(Ages 8-12)

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