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Devil You Know

Cathy MacPhail

240 pp.  
5 1/8" x 7 3/4"

Floris Books

“Baz was the kind of friend I wanted. Everyone seemed a bit afraid of him.” Forced to move away from his dad in Aberdeen and into a run-down Glasgow council estate, Logan thinks he's pretty lucky to have made any friends—let alone Baz and the boys. Baz might have a bit of reputation and be a bit mouthy, but he's the kind of friend who'll stick up for you and make life interesting—or should that be “dangerous”?

When Logan, Baz, and the boys get caught up a local turf war, Baz is the first to fight back. However, the aftermath leads Logan and his friends deeper into a world of real-life gangs, threats, and lethal revenge. And when the worst happens, Baz disappears, leaving Logan holding the bag. Has Baz really deserted him?

Award-winning author Cathy MacPhail once again delivers a stand-out, action-packed teen thriller with a sensational twist.

(Ages 11-14)

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