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Neither Man nor Beast

Feminism and the Defense of Animals

Carol J. Adams

272 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lantern Books

"[Adams] advocates an activism that reveals the truth about animal suffering and about women's lives."—Library Journal

"This book very usefully brings together Adams's thinking on animal defense as it has developed since the 1990 publication of her first book The Sexual Politics of Meat."—The Animals' Agenda

"Adams does for women and animals what the author of Our Bodies, Ourselves did for women's health. She proves insightfully that the 'unexamined meal is not worth eating.' "—Mary E. Hunt

"Adams's thinking is brilliant and original, and this volume belongs in every women's studies, theology, and environmental ethics collection."—Choice

"Carol Adams looks unsparingly at the way our culture has conditioned us to accept as normal the staggering cruelty inflicted daily on millions of animals. From theology to nutrition, from reproductive rights to pornographic images, she shows how assumed male superiority to women and other others pervades our lives."—Jane Tompkins

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