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The British

Character, Psychology and Destiny

Walter Johannes Stein Foreword by T. H. Meyer and A.P. Shepherd

66 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Temple Lodge Press




“Amidst the international turmoil of today, the Delphic word can be heard to resound from all sides in its metamorphosed form: ‘Know yourselves as folk souls!’ Stein’s little book is an invaluable contribution to such super-individual self-knowledge.” —T. H. Meyer

“This book is a tribute to [Stein’s] appreciation of the land of his adoption, and to those who knew him it is a monument to his penetrative powers of spiritual perception.” —A. P. Shepherd

At a time when British identity is being reassessed and questioned, W. J. Stein’s classic and timeless study, with its penetrative analysis of the character, psychology, and destiny of the British people, takes on new relevance. Stein, a political refugee from Austria, spent the last 24 years of his life in Britain. As an outsider, he was able to view British custom and culture with a certain objectivity. As a student of Rudolf Steiner, he brought years of spiritual study and wisdom to writing this book, enabling profound insights.

In this concise and aphoristic study, Stein writes on everything from geography, history, politics, and economics to the arts (in particular painting and music) and religion. He also reflects on the British concept of freedom, as well as Great Britain’s somewhat mysterious propensity to extend itself—and its language and culture—across the world.

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