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The Unknown Face of Islam

Circassians in Israel

Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Gil Sedan

162 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Illustrations: 38 photographs

Lantern Books

Kfar Kama, a small village near the biblical Mt. Tabor in the lower Galilee region of Israel, attracts no special attention at first sight. However, a closer look reveals a unique community of people whose origins are in the mountains of Caucasia—proud Israelis who are also proud Muslims. Kfar Kama tells a different story about Islam.

Circassian Muslims in Israel are a beacon of hope at this point in history, when radical Islamists have launched bitter—and sometimes bloody—campaigns against whoever thinks differently. The message of Circassian Muslims is loud and clear: Islam can get along with other religions just fi ne. It is only a matter of theological interpretations—and goodwill.

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