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The Redemption of the Animals

Their Evolution, Their Inner Life, and Our Future Together

Douglas Sloan

352 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lindisfarne Books


Published:  November 2015


As human beings, what is our true relationship to the animals on earth? What is our responsibility to our fellow creatures? Douglas Sloan explores these and other questions in this important book on the human-animal connection. His explorations are based on personal experience and wide-ranging research into the work of Rudolf Steiner and others, including scientist students of the inner life of animals and committed defenders of animal wellbeing.

Rudolf Steiner describes how from the beginning of creation humans and animals have been united in deep kinship. A loss of the sense of this human–animal connection has resulted in an immense animal suffering the world over. Especially in their suffering, the animals now pose for the modern human being many pressing and perplexing questions. Are the animals conscious? Do they have feelings like ours? Do they experience pain? Do the animals have a spiritual reality and experience? Do the animals have souls and selves? Do the animals have capacities for cognitive intelligence, emotional empathy, language, and memory? Is there a crucial difference between the human and the animal, a basic difference in kind, or only a difference in degree? Do animals have rights? Are we justified in using the animals as we wish—eating them, hunting them, experimenting on them? Rudolf Steiner presents a vision of the ultimate redemption of the animals from their suffering. What is the nature of this redemption? What is our responsibility in making it happen?

In exploring these and related questions with the help of Rudolf Steiner’s work and that of others on the issue, we can begin to see the importance in our time of our relating to the animals in a completely new way—a relationship that understands and respects the animals’ inner spiritual being, and one that requires a deep grasp of our own spiritual being in relation to theirs.

In this book, Douglas Sloan seeks to help us toward this new relationship with the animals, both in concept and in everyday action.

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