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The Mystery Feast

Thoughts on Storytelling

Ben Okri

48 pp.  
5" x 5"

Clairview Books


Published:  October 2015


  • All we do

    Gazing at the shape of a hill,
    The grey horizon,
    A woman reading a book,
    A landscape shaped by history.
    All we do is story.

    Our public acts are dreams.
    Our private acts are dramas.
    Submerged rivers are our thoughts,
    Misted dreams our hopes.

    Like the spider we turn
    All things into ourselves.
    We bend the light
    Of time into fables.

    Beyond our mind, reality moves.
    Unknowable like the darkness
    Before creation.

    We carve from the unknown
    A world.
    Without story
    Our identities

    We live in and out
    Of time

    Living belongs to story.
    Being belongs to mystery.

Packed with ideas and inspiration, The Mystery Feast offers numerous pathways into the magical world of storytelling. Beginning with a poem, “All We Do,” Booker prize-winning novelist Ben Okri presents his considered thoughts on the purpose and meaning of stories, concluding with a series of condensed “Notes to the Modern Storyteller.” The collection is completed with a stoku—a brief tale on the theme.

Based on decades of honing his art, this stimulating little book offers a glimpse into the mind of a master of contemporary storytelling.

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