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Calum's New Team

Scotland Stars F. C Book 1

Danny Scott Illustrated by Alice Morentorn

144 pp.  
6 1/4" x 7 3/4"
Illustrations: 50 B&W

Floris Books


Published:  July 2016


There was only one thing for it. Calum took three massive steps forward and threw himself head first at the ball. At full stretch, he nodded the ball goalward. It flew across the diving keeper and into the back of the net!

He lay for a second on the warm astroturf, smiling until a shadow appeared over him.

“I didn’t know you could head the ball!” Leo grinned down at Calum with his arm outstretched.

“I didn’t have much choice with a cross like that!” Calum laughed...

Don't miss a minute of the non-stop action as ten-year-old Calum Ferguson struggles to settle into a new town while fighting for his place on the school football team. “Scotland Stars F.C.” books are packed with excitement on and off the field, as well as loads of extras like character cards to collect and football tips, puzzles, and games.

Calum has just moved to Caleytown from the Highlands and is worried he won't fit in...that is, until he finds out from football-crazy new pals Leo and Erika that a new boys’ soccer team is starting at school. Calum is determined to impress the coach and make it onto the team, but two things stand in his way: a pair of decent boots and the coach's son, striker Jordan McPride...

Scotland Stars F.C. series book 1 (Ages 6-8 years)

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