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The Michael-Mystery

A Spiritual-Scientific View of the Michael-Imagination and Its Representation in Eurythmy

Sergei O. Prokofieff

288 pp.  
6" x 9"
Illustrations: Color & B/W

Wynstones Press


Published:  November 2015


“Michael wishes in future times to take his seat in the hearts, in the souls of earthly human beings, and this is to begin in the present age. It is about guidance of Christendom into more profound truths, inasmuch as Christ is meant to find more understanding among human beings; to live His way into humanity as a Sun-being through the Sun-spirit—Michael—who has always ruled over the intelligence, and who now can no longer administer it in the cosmos, but in the future wishes to administer it through the hearts of human beings.” —Rudolf Steiner (August 21, 1924)

The reign of the Michael-mysteries has held sway in humanity since the beginning of the contemporary Michael epoch in 1879.  At the center of those mysteries is the true spiritual path to Christ, on which Michael, as the current Time spirit and cosmic countenance of Christ, would like to guide human beings.

The Michael-mysteries, moreover, represent the key for the entire future development of Earth evolution, with the aim that the Earth may become a new Sun in our cosmos, for Michael was the Archangel of the Sun from the beginning. 

In a special way his mysteries are connected with the karma of the anthroposophic movement.  Anthroposophy was prepared suprasensorially in the Sun kingdom of Michael as a gift to humanity. Today, this secret must be revealed. In this is contained the task of Anthroposophy. As its founder, Rudolf Steiner dedicated his entire life and work to this task. The culmination and, at the same time, a testament of this spiritual teacher is the Michael Meditation, also called the Michael Imagination, with which Steiner concluded his final address to anthroposophists the evening before Michaelmas 1924.

In this book, by way of Steiner's spiritual research, a summation of the Michael mysteries is given in connection with the content of the Michael meditation, as well as the foundation of the eurythmic presentation according to the forms that Rudolf Steiner created during his final days on his sick bed.

The Michael-Mystery, contains numerous eurythmy form drawings in color and black and white. Finally available in English, this book was the penultimate work written by Sergei O. Prokofieff before his death in 2014.


Three Meditations
Rudolf Steiner and his relationship to Michael
The Nature of the Michael-Mystery                                              
The Michael-Imagination as a Revelation of the Michael-Mystery
The Michael-Imagination in Eurythmy and its Esoteric Backgrounds
Epilogue: Michael and the Michaelites
Appendix: Excerpts from a few lectures by Rudolf Steiner for the theme of this book
i           Rudolf Steiner’s Encounter with Michael
ii          The Three Forms of Thinking. Paths for the Cognition of Higher Worlds
iii         Freedom and Intellectuality
iv         Michael and Rosicrucianism. Occult Foundations of Occult Science, an Outline
v          Spiritual Warmth and Spiritual Light Essay
vi         Cosmic Address by Michael in his Sun-School
vii        Conclusion of The Last Address. Introduction to the Michael-Meditation

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